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ThisCity is a city portal with one focus – local entertainment. This is not your everyday company website; it is their entire product and sales pipeline. ThisCity is our flagship project, utilizing our full arsenal of skills and services.
Software Development
This client had one objective, scalability. With the vision of expanding across dozens if not hundreds of cities with minimal need for human resources to manage it all, they required not only a highly scalable product that would allow expansion into new markets at the click of a button, but also automation to cut down on content and campaign management.
Search Engine Optimization
Location, Location, Location. Being that ThisCity’s business is entirely online, they needed a location that would get them plenty of foot traffic. That location can be nothing less than top rankings in Google. After completing a SEO plan with us focusing on core keywords such as ‘Calgary Entertainment’ and ‘Calgary Wing Nights’, the Calgary edition alone now receive 12,000 unique visits each month, 70% of which come as free traffic from search engines. At 25 cents per click, they would otherwise be spending $25,000 a year on advertising just to get the same traffic they are receiving now for free; and that’s just one city. Imagine the future where 100 cities could cost $2.5 million a year in ad spending, and suddenly you can appreciate the value of professional search engine optimization.
Social Media Management
A social media following presented not just a great opportunity for ThisCity, it was a do or die scenario. Given the highly social space of local entertainment, they could either be a part of the conversation now or risk showing up unfashionably late to the party.
Before we launched their social media program, they did already have Facebook and Twitter accounts with a small following of about 100 people each. Not a bad start, but the company simply did not have the resources to fully utlize these services on a daily basis.
Once setup with a social media strategy and day-to-day manager from Hello Digital, social has soared with a four-fold increase in Facebook to 400 Likes and eight-fold increase on Twitter to 800+ followers and counting. Persistence is key, and with their social manager maintaining their social profile on a daily basis this growth is set to snowball as we move forward into the next 6-12 months.
Data Entry and Content Management
In focusing the product development on scalability and automation, we’d cut out a substantial amount of work that would otherwise need to be completed by internal staff. The client demanded more. We identified which tasks could be eliminated and outsourced to our lower cost data entry and content managers, reducing cost by 75% in this area and also allowing for quick scalability by having access to our data team to ramp up or down on projects on an as-needed basis.
Graphic Design and Printing
Business cards, brochures, banners, vehicle wraps, we’ve done it all for these guys. We have even taken it one step further in our relationship with this client to enable them to re-sell our printing services to their client base of venues and event promoters, providing yet another revenue stream beyond their digital-only products.