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Reclaimed Trading Company have a fabulous business model. By recovering building materials from soon to be renovated or demolished buildings and re-offering them for use in new construction, they are true stuards of the community and an environmental role model for us all.


Software Development
The client sought a platform upon which they could continually update their inventory for display to contractors and the public a like. To reduce their development costs, we took an off the shelf and open source ecommerce platform called osCommerce as a starting point and modified it to suit their needs. We stripped out the functions the client did not wish to use such as online payment processing, and added a customized sales and invoicing system to manage inventory and generate client invoices while also tracking the comissions due to be paid to their sales brokers and on consignment goods.


Data Entry 
We identified an opportunity to leverage the popular classifieds website Kijiji to spread awareness about Reclaimed Trading Company’s products and company as a whole. We established a data entry plan that has HelloDigital posting ads on Kijiji on a daily, and returning each day to remove the old ad and repost it to keep it fresh and at the top of the results. The client has found that they receive XX information requests from these posts every single day, and are looking to take programs such as this even further into additional cities and other sites.
Reclaimed Trading Company