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Quickie Care
Quickie Care provides mobile windshield rock chip repair services across Calgary with focus on servicing downtown office parkades with convenient service to be completed while the customer is at work.
Software Development
This was a fun and challenging project! Not only do customers use the QuickieCare website to select which products and services to order, they also schedule a location, date and time for the appointment. No off the shelf booking calendar solution would work as the clients need and desires were at the core of how their business model functions, and so we built a custom calendar just for them. The calendar works by first having the staff schedule loaded into the site, which forms the foundation for the calendar schedule visible to their prospective clients. Each product and service requires a specific amount of time to be completed, and as such the calendar will show only the dates and times available to complete all of the tasks the customer has added to their shopping cart. Additional logic ensures that staff can physically make those appointments, as one person cannot be in two places at the same time and travel time between locations must also be accounted for.
Quickie Care
Quickie Care