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Oakridge Chiropractic

When Collin Watson of Oakridge Chiropractic noticed that his colleagues over at Westbrook Chiropractic had top rankings in Google for searches such as ‘Chiropractors Calgary’, he called them to ask how they did it. Hello Digital was the answer.

Software Development

Firstly, Oakridge needed a new website. The site the had before was quite dated in terms of styling and also several functions were not working, such as the Contact form.  We set them up with a WordPress based website and got to work on the design.

Search Engine Optimization

We put together a six month program to get Oakridge on the first page of Google. Through a combination of domain name procurement, article writing, link building, and Google Maps optimization, they have managed to being receiving first page results for searches such as ‘Chiropractor SW Calgary’.

Oakridge Chiropractic
Oakridge Chiropractic